Frequently Asked Question's

Can you swim in the Canals?
The water is regularly tested as requested by council.  Results prove excellent quality, perfectly safe for swimming and shellfish gathering. However there is NO swimming inside the boat lock (located between the marina/stage 1 and stage 2) as this is a hazardous area only accessible to boats and authorized people.

How does the boat lock work?
The lock is used for raising or lowering boats and other watercraft onto different levels of water on the canal from stage 1 to stage 2, and vice versa. Section owners with waterfront properties on the inland side of the lock and weir have remote control access. This operates in a similar way to a garage door opener with 24/7 access.

What is the biggest boat the lock can take?
20 metres long x 5.5 metres wide

Are there Body Corporate fees?
There is no Body Corp as such but we do have a Canal Management Company which administrates the Waterways within the development, if you are a canal owner or have exclusive access to the canal you are liable to pay an annual levy. The levy amount depends on the size of the waterfront envelope for each site. The sections that have access through a shared private boat ramp are also levied.

How does the Canals Management Company work?
The cost of maintaining and managing the Waterways falls with the property owner/beneficiaries of the canal network. A management deed has been drawn between the Regional District Council, Marsden Cove and Marsden Cove Canal Management Company Ltd to provide management functions such as canal repairs, maintenance, monitoring and maintenance of water quality, health and safety matters, and canal surface water activities.

How are the Canal fees established?
The Marsden Cove Canals Management Company is a charitable entity and therefore does not make a profit. It takes the budgeted expenditure for the year ahead and divides the costs across all of the canal users. This includes selected Waterways residents, the public boat ramp and Marina berth holders.

Are there any building covenants?
Building covenants do apply and have been put in place to ensure the quality of building is maintained at a high standard throughout the development. This helps provide certainty for those who invest in our community. Property owners and their architects must become familiar with the details before submitting house plans. You can request a copy of the covenants from any of our sales staff.

Is there any support from staff when building a home?
We make every effort to help people when it comes to smoothing out the building process. Staff are on hand to help with home and jetty design or any other queries. We have readily available documentation stating the quality and standard to which this subdivision is built along with specific site details such LT plans, geotech reports and etc.

How are bare sections maintained?
As part of the covenants we require the grass to be kept to less than 100mm high, and because of this we offer a section mowing service which costs around $10 per mow.

What is the marquee used for?
The marquee is available for weddings, fishing competitions, sporting events and other large gatherings. Anyone can book the marquee for functions or private use. Please contact us directly to make a booking.