Marsden Cove - Overall Master Plan

The Marsden Cove residential canal development is a comprehensively planned project where currently only 1/3 of the development is complete. Upon completion Marsden Cove will provide for roughly 1000 new homes, including a mixture of canal front and standard non-canal front sections, Retirement Village, waterfront apartments, waterfront retail and more. Marsden Cove will largely contribute to the growth of Bream Bay and the Whangarei District.

waterfront apartments

Marsden Cove plans to build modern design, 3-storey waterfront apartment block, which will be located adjacent to the Marina, on the site where the Marquee currently occupies.

A recent build in interest and inquiry has engendered a review of the initial project. We are currently working through existing designs, in conversation with key people, and are working towards planning, evaluating and continuing to measure levels of interest in the market place.


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